Sunday, January 21, 2018
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Hello Suzan,

This thank you is long overdue. On August 13th, my parents, wife, daughter and I enjoyed a wonderful meal at your fine restaurant over the noon hour! Our daughter, Anna, had just turned 20 on Aug 12 and we wanted to do something special for her.

We took the tour of the Zbar Ranch and Tallgrass Prairie, then ate lunch at your Grand Central Hotel restaurant, then took the scenic loop down thru Bazaar/then southeast thru a washed out bridge which the county crew repaired as we enjoyed the afternoon/then back up thru Matfield Green....then back for a super yummy cake (THANK YOU VERY MUCH!) again at your wonderful restaurant. The lady at the florist shop in Strong City brought down a really cute bouquet for Anna that we all enjoyed, too.

Both of the guys who took care of us at GCH were terrific!! One was Jordan and the other fellow (I apologize, I forgot to write down his name) were both super polite and extremely accommodating!  The service was great, the food was scrumptious, the atmosphere was welcoming, and (again) the cake was excellent! I understand you picked up the cake for us while you were in Wichita the day before. Honestly, there aren't many people anymore who go out of their way to provide this level of customer service.....and all of us really appreciated it! I have told several people what a great time we had at the Grand Central Hotel and what a delightful team you have working for you. Owning a business myself, I understand the amount of effort it takes to keep things flowing smoothly. It is obvious you take a tremendous amount of pride in what you do, AND IT SHOWS!

I am quite sure I couldn't have squeezed all of this in a small thank you card (and this email is easier to read than my penmanship). Anyway, Thank You a whole bunch for going out of your way to make our trip thru Cottonwood Falls such an enjoyable time!

Most sincerely,

Dan M., President
Mid-America Piano